Favorite Vegan Recipes:

A few weeks ago I watched this documentary on Netflix, called “What the Health” and it’s all about our food system and why it’s (according to them) bad to eat meat and dairy. It’s actually a pretty good documentary, and I recommend it. Just beware, if you’re anything like me, you’ll find yourself going into a vegan tailspin. For the past few weeks I’ve mostly been eating vegan. I cheat here and there with a piece of cheese or chicken, but I’m pretty shocked that I’ve been really sticking to it and it hasn’t even been that hard. 

I’ve noticed that I don’t have to calorie count as much as usual and I’m still maintaining the same weight even though I’m eating more carbs (tortillas, pasta, rice, etc). I've also noticed that my skin is kinda glowy and it looks better than it usually does without makeup...maybe it's all the fruit and veggies? I'm not sure, but I like it! 

In addition to scouring Pinterest for some awesome vegan recipes (which I’ve linked below). I also bought a pretty awesome cookbook, called Thug Kitchen, Fast as F*ck.  It was really hard to decide which vegan cook book to buy, because there are so many on Amazon. This book caught my attention because I thought the title was pretty hilarious. Thug Kitchen? Heck yes!! 

So far I’ve made about 5 recipes from this cook book and I haven’t been disappointed. There is some seriously delicious food up in this cook book. I even made some of this food for other people and no one even noticed or asked about it being vegan. That’s how good the food is in this book. I highly recommend if you’re looking for new vegan recipe ideas. 

For more recipes, check out my Vegan board on Pinterest! In the meantime, I’ve linked a few of my favs that I’ve tried below: