My Transition to Clean Beauty Products


A couple years ago after my battle with breast cancer, (if you’re new to this blog, and me, you can read more about that here) I completely overhauled my entire diet. I minimized all processed foods and now focus on eating whole, minimally processed foods with an emphasis on fruits, veggies and lean proteins like fish. If you’re wondering more about what I eat, check out the weeknight meals section for some of my recipes. 

Once I got used to my new diet, which, quite honestly, didn’t happen overnight, I then started to examine what other products I may be using or ingesting that could contain toxins. Thus began my transition to clean beauty where I have been, for about the past year, slowly but surely transitioning all my products over to clean, and therefore, hopefully less toxic, beauty products. 

What is Clean Beauty and How Do I Know if Something is “Clean?”

I think that “clean” beauty is a relatively vague term. There are so many different standards for “clean” out there, some more rigorous than others. Currently, I personally do no subscribe to any specific standard, because, quite frankly, that would just be too stressful! Instead, I thoroughly research beauty products before I decide to purchase them, and attempt to find the cleanest products that will also be effective at doing what I want them to do. From what I can tell, clean beauty is a spectrum, with some products supposedly “cleaner” than others. But it’s not black and white, and we don’t have absolute information on all ingredients contained in beauty products and what their long-term effects may be. If you’re just starting out and are new to clean beauty (like me!), I think the most important thing to keep in mind is awareness. Be aware of the ingredients in your products and see if you can find substitutes which are just as good, or better, that have better ingredients.

So, how do I assess a product and its ingredients? The first place I usually start is this handy tool by the Environment Working Group (EWG). For those of you that aren’t familiar, the EWG is a non-profit whose mission is to shed light on the ingredients used in common consumer products. They have a ratings system and an “EWG Verified” stamp for products that are free from toxic chemicals and that meet strict standards. 

All of this research and data compiled by EWG is contained in a fairly easy-to-use cosmetics database called “Skin Deep” (here). Whenever I want to see how a new product I’m considering is rated, I hop onto EWG and check it out. The system contains info on over 70,000 products and is a great tool to help assess products you may be considering adding to your regimen. 

Here’s a list of the clean beauty products and brands that I currently use. 









Where I shop:

I wish I could tell you that I find all my products at some trendy store or boutique, but the reality is that I buy most of my clean makeup and facial products at one of two grocery stores: MOM’s or Whole Foods. They have a great selection of many of the brands that I listed above and more. I like them because they have great variety and already have high standards for the products that they carry. I also like the ability to test out various products from the display in person before buying.

What’s Next:

You may notice that there are a few things missing from this list. This isn’t a comprehensive list of all the beauty products I use and it’s also missing nail polish and hair products. As I continue to add clean beauty products into my regimen, I will add them here. In the meantime, if you have any favorite clean beauty products that you’d like to share with me, message me here.