3 British Brands To Try


One thing that I love about social media is that it makes it a lot easier to discover “new” (ie. new to me) brands that I can try out as part of my daily work wardrobe. I am always searching for new brands and designers, especially in the realm of women’s work wear. And since we’re all interconnected now more than ever before, I’ve begun to expand my horizons a bit in my search for inspiration, and that means going outside the bounds of U.S. geography.

Below,  I’m sharing three of my favorite British brands that have some amazing clothes for the office and beyond.

PURE Collection

Pure is the most recent British brand that I’ve discovered, though their U.S. presence isn’t necessarily new. According to their website, they’ve been marketing in the U.S. since 2006! 

Pure’s started out with the mission to produce “sensibly priced” cashmere sweaters. And while they still have a large selection of cashmere, they also have a lot of other clothing that is great for the office! 

I have two tops and one pair of pants from Pure. I have photos of the two tops I own here (one is a cashmere sweater, the other a blouse). 

Pure focuses on clothing that is classic and conservative, with trendy twists, like “boyfriend” cuts and fun colors and prints. 

The price point and selection at Pure is comparable to what you’d find at Banana Republic here stateside. 

What to get at Pure:

If you’re looking for a new blouse or sweater, try Pure! They have a ton of selection of sweaters and lots of fun blouses and tops that are perfect for the office. 


Dress: I bought this last year from Boden. Here’s a  similar one  that’s in-stock. Shoes:  Similar, Sam Edelman, Nordstrom

Dress: I bought this last year from Boden. Here’s a similar one that’s in-stock. Shoes: Similar, Sam Edelman, Nordstrom

Out of the three featured here, Boden is the first brand that I discovered, and the one that I’ve been shopping from the longest. I have featured  several dresses from them on this blog before (here and here).

Boden considers themselves classically British and I very much agree. They don’t focus on trends so much as classical cuts that will be staples in your wardrobe, and they serve those up in an array of beautiful colors and fun prints.

I’ve bought three dresses from Boden (that I can remember!) and they were all very sturdy and well made. They are all still staples of my wardrobe and have stood the test of time. 

This dress from Boden is old but there’s similar  here .

This dress from Boden is old but there’s similar here.

Similar:  Here

Similar: Here

For a point of reference, I think that Boden is most similar to J.Crew here in the U.S. in terms of price points and styles offered. 

What to get at Boden:

Dresses! I have always loved the dresses from Boden. They are always coming out with new twists to classic styles and they are of good quality so will last a long time. 

The Fold 

I absolutely adore the clothing over at The Fold. They have beautiful clothing produced specifically with the professional woman in mind. Out of the three here, The Fold has the most formal clothing you’ll find for an office environment (with price points to match!) and also clothes for dressier occasions. 

The Fold is located in the trendy neighborhood of Chelsea in London and is a favorite of British celebrities—like when Pippa Middleton wore the The Fold to Prince Harry and Meagan’s wedding!

Dress:  The Fold

Dress: The Fold

For a U.S. point of reference, I would compare them to MM. Lafleur in both quality and price point. 

What to get at The Fold:

Wardrobe staples that you’ll wear again and again, and dressier, more formal looks that can also double as evening attire. 

I hope that you all enjoy trying out these brands as much as I have! Do you have a favorite British brand that’s not featured here? Message me!