Three Essentials For Your Fall Work Wardrobe


It’s fall, it’s fall, it’s finally fall!

After a few weeks of record setting, HOT temperatures, Washington, D.C. is finally getting some fall weather, and I suspect other areas of the country are too! I was so excited that today, I broke out one of my cashmere sweaters. I feel so cozy! And also a little hot….maybe too soon for the cashmere.

October is one of my favorite months. The temperatures are crisp and cool, there is beautiful fall foliage, pumpkins and pumpkin spice abound and, on a more personal note, October is the month that I got engaged!!! (swoon)

Now, getting to our wardrobes, fall is one of those transitional times, it’s not quite cold enough for winter sweaters, and not hot enough to go sleeveless all the time. This means that you may want to update your wardrobe with some transitional pieces that will carry you through the fall season, and on into winter.

So, today, I am sharing three different looks which capitalize on some current trends, and, more importantly, also serve as great fall wardrobe transitional pieces. So, follow along and let’s gracefully leap into the fall season.

Fall Wardrobe Essential #1: A Dress with Sleeves

pink shift dress with sleeves

I love a good sleeveless dress, mostly for the functionality, as it allows me to regulate my body temperature by adding and subtracting layers. However, I have found that a simple shift dress with sleeves is great piece for the fall wardrobe. Since the dress already has sleeves, it can often work for more work formal occasions in lieu of a suit or wearing a blazer, and, depending on the color, can also be repurposed for a winter and/or spring wardrobe as well. Above is a dress that I got from Dillard’s. This dress will likely NOT work for winter, due it’s bright color, but I fully plan to resurrect this dress in the spring and will probably wear it through the summer too. If you are looking for a dress that will carry you into winter, I suggest selecting a neutral or darker color. I have linked this dress and some other options below!

Fall Wardrobe Essential #2: Wide Leg Culottes

navy culottes

The technical term is “culottes” but I like to think of these fantastic transitional pants as ‘cool-lottes’ (heh). Not only are they super comfy, they are also quite breezy, due to the wide legs, which make them great pieces to wear during transitional temperatures. Culottes are also trending right now, which is awesome, because that means that there is a LOT of selection out there! Above is pic of my most recent culottes purchase, and I linked to them below as well. I love culottes because (at least for me) they tend to be easier to fit than a regular pant. Since the legs tend to be wider, the fit is just easier than normal, more fitted pants, so they are easier to shop for! Culottes will also serve as nice pieces in a spring and summer wardrobe, so if you’re a fan, go all-in and purchase different colors! I have a black, navy and white pair. I just can’t get enough! Links below!

Fall Wardrobe Essential #3: A Full Skirt

blue dress with full skirt

I am a huge fan of the full skirt, which has recently come back into style in the past year or so. I love the retro look, and it’s also a welcome addition to the basic fitted shift silhouette that many of us wear on a daily or weekly basis to work. A full skirt also strikes a good balance when you’re transitioning into cooler temperatures. The extra fabric is both breezy and warm at the same time. They’re also just plain fun to twirl around in! I have a bunch of full skirts and dresses, and have linked some of my favs. Generally, the brand Gal Meets Glam often has really nice full dresses and skirts that are appropriate for work. The blue dress that I am wearing in these photos is from Dillard’s and is under $100! Links below! <3

Now that you know my favorite fall wardrobe essentials, I’d love to hear about yours! Message me here.