A Castle in the Clouds on the Amalfi Coast: Staying at the Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi

Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi

As I was exploring the Italian coast line, I fell in love with Atrani, which is the smallest town in Italy. The next town over (literally steps away, walking distance) is Amalfi, the town that is the center point of the Amalfi coast and much more widely known.

The scene of the town is characterized by old brick buildings built into the edge of a cliffside, serviced by narrow, winding roads that overlook the beautiful, clear blue calm waters of the Mediterranean sea.

It is truly a sight to behold, and one of the most beautiful views I have ever seen.

I stayed at a hotel which I have nick-named a “castle in the clouds” and the most beautiful hotel I’ve ever experienced, called the Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi, which is a hotel built high above the town of Almalfi on the cliff’s edge, accessible via elevator from an innocuous entrance at street level. (Since I was staying nearby, I actually called them before our arrival and they picked me up in Almafi so I didn’t have to walk or call a taxi!)

The hotel is a converted monastery and has beautifully restored remnants of the original gothic architecture which ads its beauty and unique aesthetic.

The service and staff are impeccable. The views are so magnificent that I cannot express them in words (so have included many photos!) and every room has an ocean view.

The best thing about this hotel is the infinity pool that is perched on the cliff overlooking the ocean. It provides breathtaking views and is the main attraction of the hotel (especially if you go in the high season of summer!) I spent three full days enjoying this pool and the company of the guests surrounding it. It was a delightful time.

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I was worried that the pool would be crowded, but it wasn’t at all! Even despite it being high season.

In the evenings I took the elevator or walking path down to the town of Amalfi and had delicious dinner and gelato in the town square. It was truly bliss.

The second best part about this hotel is the long balcony that leads to the walkway to the pool. It overlooks the ocean and the town of Amalfi and due to the higher elevation of the hotel on the cliffside, you can see for miles.

When I visited during the summer, all of the flowers were in bloom which only made the views even more spectacular.

I had breakfast every morning on this balcony at the hotel. The breakfast is a buffet containing a beautiful spread of various culinary delights, including local baked goods, croissants, fruits, salads, cheeses and other assorted charcuterie. They also make eggs to order. These breakfasts were amazing and, they were included in the price of our room. As an aside, we did find out that the hotel offers the breakfast buffet for 28 euro (even if you’re not staying there)—more on that below.

The other fun thing about this hotel is that there are so many areas to explore. They have multiple paths, staircases and rooms that are open to everyone for lounging, walking and to experience the breathtaking views. One of the mornings, I wanted a bit of exercise so hiked the path from the hotel into the town square which was a lot of steps, but beautiful.

One evening, I had dinner at the hotel restaurant, which ended up being one of the best dinners of the entire trip. The food was decadent and delicious, and unlike any other meal that we had in Italy. The service was impeccable. I think there were no less than 5 people waiting on us!

How to Experience This Hotel Without Staying There:  

If you don’t want to stay at this hotel, but still want to visit and see the beautiful views, we did find out from speaking with the staff that the breakfast buffet is open to the public for 28 euro. So you could have breakfast at the hotel on the balcony and enjoy the sweeping views for a more reasonable price than it would be to book a room for the night. I would highly recommend doing this if you’re in the area because the hotel grounds and the views that it offers are just plain spectacular. Also, the breakfast buffet is delicious and was one of the best parts of our stay! An excellent value for the experience it offers.

The price of this hotel is much higher during the summer months, and I think that is due to the nice weather and the fact that the infinity pool is open. We saw this hotel was much less expensive during off season.