Visiting Atrani, Italy on the Amalfi Coast

Atrani Italy

One of my favorite parts of a recent Italy trip was my stay in the town of Atrani on the Amalfi Coast of Italy.

The town of Atrani is located right next to the town of Amalfi which is one of the better known and larger towns on the coast. Atrani is the smallest town in Italy and consists of a small beach against the dramatic backdrop of beautiful old buildings fortified against the cliff that towers over the coast. Right next to the beach is a little town square filled with mom and pop restaurants that serve authentic and delicious Italian foods.

My favorite which I ate at a few times was called Mistral.


The beach of Atrani is small, and is characterized by blue striped umbrellas which cover the surface in perfect straight lines. The umbrellas punctuate an already magnificent view and provide this whimsical feeling that is so inviting.

I stayed at a bread and breakfast booked through Air Bnb. The room was right above the beach with a big window that overlooked the ocean.


The best thing about Atrani is its small size and the fact that it is lesser known than the other towns that dot the Almalfi coast, so there aren’t as many people. The weekends are the most crowded, as we saw a stark difference in number of people between Sunday and Monday.

The beach is “private” so in order to perch upon one of the sunbeds shaded by the blue umbrellas, you must pay the price of 20 euro to the Italian man who sits at the entrance with a cash box. I did find that they took credit cards as well. You just have to walk to the square to the restaurant that owns the beach to make your payment.


As for the water, it is wonderful to swim in. The beach is located in sort of cove area, so the water is calm and there aren’t a ton of waves. The sand is a distinctive dark brown color. It is not the white sand of other notable beaches, but the view and contrast of the mountains and cliff over the coast more than make up for it.


Just a short walk from Atrani is the town of Amalfi where restaurants and shops line the main road in abundance. From where I stayed it was only about a five minute walk around the winding main road that circles the cliffside.

Interestingly enough, there are no sidewalks, so residents and tourists alike walk single-file on the side of the road. It felt odd to walk along the road like that, because in the U.S. we almost always have sidewalks, but that appeared to be what everyone was using and since it was a short walk, I made due and was fine.


The restaurants in Atrani tout their “English Breakfasts” so I did try it at one of the restaurants, and it was a bit lackluster. I think breakfast is one of the things that is distinctly American or British and it’s one of the things that we do best stateside.

I stayed in Atrani for two nights before heading to a hotel next door in Amalfi. I had a wonderful time soaking up the sun on the beach during the day and wandering into Amalfi for dinner at night. It was nothing short of magical, and I can’t wait to go back again someday. <3