6 Dresses That Take You From Office to Date Night

I love investing in pieces for my work wardrobe that can serve multiple functions. Like a dress that you can wear to work, but also for evening events--like a date! Or cocktails, dinner parties, baby and bridal showers, weekend events, girls night out, etc. 

Below, I'm sharing a collection of dresses that will seamlessly take you from office to evening. Shopable links included at the bottom! 

And no matter what, when in doubt, wear something that you feel comfortable in! Because even it's not the perfect outfit you envisioned, if you're comfortable and confident, that will shine through, no matter what you're wearing! 

Look #1: Add Some Shine

One characteristic of clothing that can often be utilized for day-to-night looks is silk or satin-like material. Typically, if I want something that will serve as a dressier, evening or date-night look, I opt for colors that are a little deeper or darker--which work with with every season and are versatile for dressy occasions too. 

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Look #2: Classic LBD

It's hard to find a good black dress that is suitable for the office and also great for night-time occasions. But I have found a few options which entail classic design, paired with high-quality craftsmanship.

Don't let people tell you that black is boring. It's not. It's sophisticated and also super flattering. Having a black dress that you can wear for work and dressier occasions is one of the foundational pieces of your wardrobe. 

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Look #3: Soft and Flowy

One of my favorite things about Spring and Summer is the opportunity to wear less structured and more "flowy" dresses to work. This pink/peachy color is just divine, and perfect for an after work date! 

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Look #4: Bright and Bold

Wearing bright colors is a great way to stand out and show confidence. I also feel like they serve as a little bit of mood booster as well! This dress and the ones I linked below are all pretty, bright colors, but they all maintain classic silhouettes so are appropriate for the office and beyond! 

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Look #5: Shoulder Show-Off

I love this neckline. It's kind of like a halter, but not really, so still appropriate for work and perfect for a weeknight date or cocktails with colleagues/friends. This color is from last season, so I've linked to similar styles, but in different colors!

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Look #6: The Wrap Dress

A wrap dress done right emits a sense of sophistication and luxury. The folds of the dress and flattering and it's also very easy to wear (especially if it's a "faux" wrap dress, meaning that it appears to wrap but really, everything is sewn together so no risk of wardrobe snafu's!). I linked to a couple wrap dresses that I own below, in addition to a few others that would be perfect for day-to-night occasions!

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And that's a wrap! Haha, no pun intended. 

What are your favorite day-to-night looks? Message me here and let me know!