Capsule Wardrobe Part I (With Ann Taylor)

Red blouse navy pants

This month, I am SUPER excited to announce that I am partnering with Ann Taylor to bring you a holiday capsule wardrobe which will take you from work, to dinner, to cocktails, to holiday parties, to Christmas morning and beyond! I have five pieces, and will be featuring six outfits.

This will be three part series, with each post featuring two new outfits (hopefully I did my math right!)

Today, I am featuring this GORGEOUS red blouse which I am obsessed with. You guys, this blouse is a beaut. It’s very simple, but elegant. The details are gorgeous (buttons that run up the sleeve, sophisticated boat neck) and the fabric luxurious!

Red blouse, white skirt

I created two outfits with this blouse—both can be worn to work and will transition well to evening holiday activities, such as parties, dinners and even Christmas shopping! Seriously—I wore this red blouse with the navy pants to Georgetown today with Matt for shopping. It was fun to be out and about in a comfy outfit, sans leggings, that looked beautiful. I felt super sophisticated as we waltzed down M Street, window shopping and such. It was wonderful.

So let’s talk specifics. To create part one out of my capsule (reminder—I have five total pieces, this is using three of them to make two outfits—I’ll feature the rest in my next posts) I used a white skirt and navy pants to pair with this blouse and make two, super versatile outfits.

The outfit with the white skirt is perfect for work and other dressy occasions.

red blouse, white skirt, cozy scarf
red blouse
white pearl skirt
red blouse white skirt
red blouse white skirt
red blouse white skirt

The outfit with pants is also perfect for work, but can also be dressed up or down. I love these pants. They are stretchy but don’t lose their shape, and they look lovely with pumps.

red blouse, navy pants
red blouse navy pants

Shop these looks below and stay tuned for Holiday Capsule Part II next week!


*This post was sponsored by Ann Taylor. Click here to shop these looks and more!

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