Polka Dots & Silk

Silk dress in coffee shop
Silk dress with polka dots
silk dress with polka dots
silk dress
Silk dress sitting
Silk dress details
Silk dress outfit

This dress is so fun and glamorous with it's puffed sleeves and pretty print. What's not to love about silk and polka dots!? Though, small disclaimer, this isn't actually silk heehee, but close enough!

I will say that because this fabric is so slippery, you need to double-knot the tie by knotting it first and then tying a bow. 

This dress is perfect for occasions when you want to look a bit more formal, like going to a nice restaurant on date night or a cocktail party. The styling of this dress is pretty unique so also great if you're just looking for something different and a way to shake up your wardrobe. 

I hope that everyone is off to a good start with the week! I'm counting down the days until Spring because I am so tired of the cold! February is always the coldest month, but thankfully, it's also the shortest!

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