Practicing Resiliency in Life

I hope that everyone had an amazing New Year and I wish you all many blessings for 2018. I had a really great 2017 (not so great 2016) which makes me kind of nervous for what this year will bring. Life is so unpredictable. I actually came across an article from a blog by Johnson & Johnson the other day on Twitter (kind of random, but that's Twitter for ya!) about the power of resiliency and how that can take you to new heights in your career. I completely agree with that premise. In fact, I think that resiliency can take you to new heights in LIFE, not just your career. 

What is resilience? It's the ability to bounce back from challenges. Kind of like a rubber band--you can stretch it all you want and it will still bounce back to its original shape. The ability to practice resilience in life is what will help you weather not just the storm, but it will allow you to acknowledge and appreciate the sunny days that follow. Because there WILL be sunny days that follow, even it doesn't seem like it at the time.  

So as you're thinking about your new year's resolutions and how many times you're going to go to the gym per week (I'm planning to go twice a day BTW--yeah I know that's probably not gonna happen, ha!) consider adding improving your resilience. And whatever challenges that life throws at you this year, remember that there will eventually be a sunny day! 

I leave you with this illustration by one of my favorite artists, Mari Andrew. Understanding that you can't always be in the light is at the core of resilience. I hope that you all have a wonderful, resilient 2018. 


Invisible without Darkness by Mari Andrew