Oh, Beautiful Fall!

red jacket black hat floral dress

I love this dress and I think the red jacket really makes the floral pattern pop! I have had this black hat in my closet forever, and I'm so excited that I finally found a good outfit to pair it with. If I had to describe fall by creating an outfit, this would be that outfit. Cheery, warm and fun.

Why do we all like fall so much? I mean, I know that it's pretty and everything, and the temperatures are comfortable, but I like to think there's a deeper reason everyone is so attached to this season.

fall dress anthropologie

I think perhaps it's because it leads the way into the holiday season. It's a sign of comforting things to come. Of gathering together with family to celebrate and reflect on the successes and challenges of the past year. It's a time to be grateful and to find peace within ourselves, where ever we currently are in our life's journey.

fall dress and red jacket

I am reminded of this phrase that my yoga teachers often utter at the end of class. It goes something like this:

"You have everything that you need right now on this mat. You are all that you need."

There are probably a lot of different interpretations to that statement, but I like to think that it means you have everything that you need within yourself to accomplish whatever you want and overcome whatever life throws at you. 

To my readers, I hope that you find things to be grateful for this fall season. <3

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