Breaking Out of Black

I’m a huge fan of black in the work place, especially black pants. In fact, in the colder winter months, black pants are a staple in my wardrobe and it can sometimes be a hard habit to break out of. I was so excited when I found these pants, because, a). They're not black (more like a light navy color) and b). even though they’re not black, they still look good on and mimic the versatility of black as they can be worn with many different styles and colors. 

I have a very hard time finding pants that I actually like and that I can wear to work. I am a big fan of yoga pants and leggings and that tends to be my weekend/after work wear. What I like about these pants is that they actually feel sort of like leggings. They’re really comfy and flattering, and they’re just tight enough to show off your figure, but not too tight so that they are inappropriate. They also don’t get all stretched out during the day, which is also something that is hard to find. 

For this outfit I paired these pants with a flowy, white top and long silver necklace which I think conveys sort of an artsy look that is still dressy enough for a business casual work environment.