Five Things You Need to "Winterize" Your Office Wardrobe

5 Things You Need to Winterize Your Office Wardrobe

It’s finally starting to get cold outside and people are breaking out the sweaters and cardigans at work! A colleague yesterday asked me where she should go shopping after work for winter clothes and it inspired me to write this post. I have put together what I consider the wardrobe basics for winter including a bunch of different options for each category. For those of your trying to “winterize” your work wardrobe, hopefully this serves as a helpful guide!

1. Long Cardigan

The “long” part (basically something long enough to cover your bottom) is probably personal preference because I find “longer" cardigans are much more versatile than cropped, but the most important part is that you buy one in a neutral color (black, gray, cream, brown, etc). That way, you’ll maximize the amount of clothes already in your closet with which you will be able to wear the cardigan. Again, I like longer cardi’s so I can pair with sleeveless dresses and leggings on the weekend. Cardigans are also super helpful for winterizing because you can still wear your sleeveless tops under them. I do this all the time! In fact, I have sleeveless tops, dresses and cami's that I wear year round thanks to long cardigans!  Some options below (click on the images to see more!)

2. Turtleneck Sweater

I just love a good long sleeved turtleneck. I think they look so chic and put together, especially if you’re running around outside a lot, they look very nice under winter pea coats. Turtlenecks also pair well with work pants and are just all-around a nice look for the office. I recommend getting your turtleneck in a neutral tone as well to maximize wear. Black, gray or brown/tan are all nice options. On super cold days you can also wear your cardigan over your turtleneck! Here’s some that I like:

3. Jewel Tone Tops

Okay now we’re getting to some color! Jewel tones (i.e. deep reds, blues, greens and purples) are beautiful colors to sport in the colder months and will also pair well with your neutral cardigan. Here are some of my favs below!

4. Dress with Long Sleeves

A “winter dress” (i.e. a dress that has sleeves and can be worn with tights) is also a must for a winterized office wardrobe. Again, I try to stick to basic silhouettes and neutral colors so that I can wear my “winter” dress season after season. If you can only have one winter dress in your wardrobe, then I suggest buying one in black to maximize wear.

5. A Velvet Top

Velvet is a beautiful cold weather material and I think this year it is particularly trendy! I’ve been seeing velvet tops everywhere and the jewel tone colors are all beautiful! If you’ve already stocked up your wardrobe with items 1-4 on this list, then consider adding a velvet top!


Once you have the basics, here are some other items that you can consider buying to accessorize your winter wardrobe. Think over the knee boots (OTK), fur vests or scarves, velvet clutches and roomy coats! Some of my favs below!