Cold Weather Florals

Cold Weather Florals

Pretty florals aren't just for summer! A lot of floral patterns also transition really well to fall and winter as well. One of the things that makes florals so versatile is that the patterns usually have several colors so they can be mixed with either darker or lighter colors, depending on the season. One of my absolute favorite floral brands is Yumi Kim. They designed this top, though I purchased it at Anthropologie.

Pretty Floral Top

To make this top more "wintery" I paired it with a pair of black leggings, my favorite black suede boots and finally, this pretty velvet clutch, also from Anthropologie. Since the main color of this top is black, it naturally lends itself to better to the winter months, but if I wanted to wear this in the summer (which I will!) I would probably pair it with white (white jeans or skirt) or a light colored pair of jeans. 

Pretty Floral Top for Winter Months

Keep scrolling to shop the look and also have a gander at some of my other favorite florals from Yumi Kim's website that are super pretty to wear during cold weather! <3

Black OTK Boots and Velvet Clutch

Winter Florals From Yumi Kim that I am loving right now! (Click the image to go to the page with a selection of clothes in that print!)

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